YP The Cult Leader & DJ ILL are
The Unseen Asylum.............
These Two Producers / Engineers  who have decided to join forces and open up a Professional Quality Studio. Not only do they offer High Quality Recording & Mixing, but They also Provide Quality And Custom Music Productions. YP Started Recording and Producing Rap and Hip-Hop at the 16 years old. DJ ILL Also Started Producing & Recording R&B, Soul Music and Hip-Hop around the age of 11 years old. Yp Graduated from The Los Angeles Recording School In 2006. DJ ILL grew up Recording around various studios around the California area.  This Wild Production Team Spawned  the Offical Name UNSEEN ASYLUM, due to their Crazy Production Style and Unconventional Recording & Mixing Techniques. The UNSEEN ASYLUM Can Provide Musical and Vocal Production Ranging From Everything such as: Hip-Hop, Pop, R&B, Horror Core, Rock, Gangster and Classical.
DJ ILL is a True DJ Whom We Also Dedicated to Start Hosting Mix Tapes.........

*To Book A Studio Session

Contact Us At.....
209-644-6247 Appointment ONLY!!
Business Hours Are.....
Mon thru Friday....3:00pm to 12am
Sat & Sun...Appointment ONLY!!!

Studio Pricing:
$150 a beat with two Hours of free Studio Time Included.
$50 an hour for studio time when bringing your own beat, an a minimum recording session of two hours.
$50 For Talk Boxing Vocals.
$50 to mix only vocals.
$100 to mix 1 Song (Beat) and Vocals:
Mixing Includes Lite Mastering.
$50 For Vocal Harmony Arrangement.
Mix-tape Hosting maybe Negotiable.
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Unwind Beat Produced By: UNSEEN ASYLUM